BioNase Anti-Allergy Device - Hay Fever Treatment

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How does this anti-allergy device work?

The Bionase device emits infrared light into the nasal cavity. The infrared light makes the nasal mucous membranes less sensitive to triggers such as pollen of flowering plants and trees, dust mite, animal fur and other allergens. This helps reduce nose irritation that occurs in response to hay fever or other allergies. Light therapy can also be used preventatively before exposure to pollen or pets to avoid symptoms.


Bionase treats allergy and hay fever symptoms with light therapy, also known as phototherapy. Hay fever and allergies are caused by an allergic reaction in response to otherwise harmless substances such as pollen or animal fur. This causes symptoms such as repeated sneezing, nasal congestion, a runny nose and itching. These symptoms are usually treated with (antihistamine) medicines. Light therapy can be a good alternative for people seeking a natural treatment.

  • Acute and chronic rhinitis.
  • Sinus conditions
  • Nasal mucosal hyperemi

Item Type: Rhinitis Sinusitis Therapy (Allergy/Hay Fever)
Material: ABS, Plastic, Flexible rubber tubes
Brand Name: MOREE
Model Number: RH1
Application: Nasal Passage
Model Number: Rhinitis therapy device
Style: Laser/Pulse therapy
Care for: Nose Rhinitis