AerFlow™ Micro Anti-Snoring Device (Electric)

  • €51.00

Introducing the Aerflow!

After a long and rigorous testing period, we are pleased to announce that the world's first micro CPAP (MiCPAP) device, electronically charged and fitted, is now available for sale.

Many fraudsters were selling an empty shell with no electrical components, however our device contains fans, a battery, and is charged electronically.

Sleep better with the AerFlow Anti-Snoring Device!


The Aerflow device is designed to solve all of your snoring problems, allowing you to have a refreshing night's sleep night after night, with absolute comfort. 

How Does it Work?


When we are asleep, our muscles become more relaxed causing them to narrow, and may even sometimes close off temporarily. The air passing through the minimal opening can cause the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate, which in turn can cause the sounds you hear from snoring. 


The specially designed snore reduction vents offers effective dilation of the nostrils to let the air flow through more efficiently. Powerful electric pumps allow for efficient flow of air. Peaceful sleeping and smoother clean breathing will not just be a dream. The battery life lasts 8-10 hours on a full cycle of charge, perfect timeframe for the average sleeping cycle.


Benefits of the AerFlow

  • Supports open nostril structure allowing air to pass freely, preventing collapsing of airways that causes snoring
  • Portable, versatile and lightweight
  • Perfect for use while travelling
  • Rechargeable and reusable 

Be careful of imitation devices on the market.


 Online exclusive, not available in stores.