About Us



Caldera Health prides itself in providing the highest quality items for our customers at the lowest possible prices.

Caldera Health was founded to maintain one of the best online stores for acquiring the best health and beauty products at the lowest prices on the internet.

We believe beauty and health are the chief sources of happiness.

While making changes to diet, improving nutritional intake or receiving biofeedback, etc. can be extremely beneficial for improving one’s health, our overall well-being is more than just the sum of these particular parts, and requires attention to the underlying structure of how a person relates to and experiences life itself. Physical health or biology is directly related to our psychology and state of mind.  Although we consider these elements at times to be separate they are intimately connected and actually operate as one whole.  


We have an innovative combination of health and beauty products on offer for our customers at market competitive prices. We offer free shipping on all orders as a token of appreciation for our large base of 100k+ customers.




We are easy to reach.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at info@calderahealth.net